I am Judith, a 25 year old food lover, loyal yogi, dark chocolate lover and dog enthusiast. I am a little bit nerdy and got a science degree in the field of medical research and health, but am also an artist who paints and constantly creates. I love to develop vegetarian as well as vegan-friendly recipes and cook up a storm in my – actually, any – kitchen, which I consider to be art as well! I enjoy travelling (especially when that, too, involves food) and am currently based in Berlin where I work as food photographer. 


I’ve always loved cooking and baking and when I discovered the art of photography, I started to put it all together! I lived in many places abroad which ignited my interest for foreign cuisine, food cultures and cooking techniques. Nutrition fascinates me (my thesis tackled undernutrition in developing countries) which is why I share my food knowedge along with my recipes. My passion for food goes hand in hand with my interest in health, which is why I am combining the two through this project! 


Every day, I am full of ideas for this blog. New recipes, new photos, new people, new designs. I want to keep the spirits flowing and the foodblog going (and growing!) because it gives me utter joy to write, take photos, cook, bake and share it all with you! I am looking for people who would like to join my team in the areas of marketing, videography, documentation and social media. Feel free to contact me and become a part of my delicious & nutritious movement! I cannot wait to cross your path. 


I was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany. Against all prejudices, I do claim to be at least a little bit funny and I hope that beneath my silly jokes (that may or may not find their way into some of my recipes), you can find a grain of gold in what I write – which in this case is the same thing as a spoonful of freshly made peanut butter.  My dream is to create delicious & nutritious recipes, have a dog one day (better sooner than later), open a yoga retreat with the most delicious foods, live in a house that constantly smells like there’s carrot cake in the oven and have a big fat fig tree growing in my backyard! (as well as a lemon tree, if possible)

My journey up until now is a wild one, allow me to give you a few snippets: Since I was really young, I can remember being interested in different foods and wanting to experiment, especially with desserts and sweet ingredients. I would whisk up some cacao, yoghurt and honey, hand it to my brother and announce “Christoph, I’ve made you a lil’ something!” (he didn’t necessarily enjoy the taste but I’m sure he appreciated my selfless attempts). When I was in my teens I started baking a lot (and when I say a lot I mean A LOT as in 6 batches of Christmas cookies from dusk till dawn). I also began to explore different cuisines, use spices that looked or sounded foreign to me and (my lucky family) got to sample it all. I cannot remember the last time I was too lazy to cook because honestly, it gives me so much joy to put delicious and nutritious food on a plate! (or a bowl, for that matter)

After finishing my high school degree in Germany, I moved to Australia as an Au Pair, where I fell in love with the people, the landscapes and also the food (a ton of banana bread, I can tell you). After living in Melbourne for a year, tasting fresh coconuts in Fiji and nibbling on traditional sushi in Japan, I spent a few months in San Francisco with all its hip kale smoothie cafes, artisan ice cream-shops and too cool for school iced coffee stalls. As you can imagine, my love for food only grew and grew. Because my mother works as a nutritionist, I was exposed to the health-aspects of diet since I can remember. This combined with a fascination for medicine made me decide to move to Amsterdam and study a science degree that focused on physiology, public health, nutrition and immunology. Gaining knowledge of all these different aspects of human health only got me more interested in how food can influence the human body and our state of well-being.

Within my three years of studying in Amsterdam, I was fortunate to spend half a year in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where I conducted research on HIV treatment (though I didn’t only do research, I also took plenty of time to explore the surrounding wine regions, experience Cape Town and travel through Namibia and Botswana). When I returned back to Amsterdam, I finished my studies by writing a thesis on measuring growth progress in undernourished children based on a project in Mozambique. Whoop-whoop, I’m a bachelorette! (I heard that as a scientist, your opinion counts 15% more, is that true?)

With all that new knowledge in my brains and a bachelor degree in my pocket, I am now developing delicious and nutritious recipes that hopefully create a spark of creativity, inspire you to give them a try and understand more thoroughly how these foods nourish your precious bodies (yes, you heard me: all your bodies are precious!).  

I recently spent 6 months traveling through Southern Europe (Portugal, France and Spain) where I worked at yoga retreats on the quest for new culinary insights and recipes. I have learned about many new ingredients and ways of preparing them and cannot wait to share it all with you fellow foodies! I am now based in Berlin as a food photographer & recipe developer while keeping my dog-chasing activities alive. This food blog will of course be maintained during my hours outside of the office that truly isn’t an office at all but a kitchen – my favourite place to get work done! I am so excited that many of you will try out my recipes and I promise to keep on taking mouthwatering photos so as to make sure that you guys won’t be able to resist cooking and baking and whipping up a storm! 

That’s it for now.





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