I am Judith, the foodie behind Judilicious & Nutritious! Apart from dreaming about dark chocolate, peanut butter and ripe bananas, I really enjoy to spend hours in the kitchen and experiment with ingredients, put new recipe ideas into practice and serve a colourful variety of dishes to my fellow foodies – followed by a chocolate-filled dessert of course! I truly care about awareness, health, wholesomeness and community and develop plant-based recipes in unity with these pillars.  Find me in my Berlin-based kitchen where I work as recipe developer, food photographer, cooking course instructor and event host.  


How I got here

I’ve always loved cooking and baking and when I discovered the art of photography, I finally put it all together! I lived in many places abroad which ignited my interest for foreign cuisine, food cultures and cooking techniques as well as the people behind the dishes – “People Who Cook” was born! I studied medical health and nutrition which is why I incorporate my knowledge in the recipes I share. 



I love to bring people together, to open up a space for nourishing meals and encounters alike. I build community around food and want to restore a sense for sharing, for being compassionate and to experience what lies so deeply within: gathering at a set table and fostering connection.



Founder: Judith Gilles 

Contact: judithmirja.gilles@gmail.com

Photos and content by Judith Gilles. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.