Birthday Recap

Birthday Recap

My fellow foodies, I turned 25 years old! The quarter of a century. I think I like that number. 25. Yes, sounds about right! I celebrated in Berlin together with a colourful bunch of friends. Two friends of those in fact, Sofie and Sanna, came all the way from Sweden to celebrate this day with me – now that’s what I call commitment! Sofie made a batch of traditional, Swedish cinnamon rolls – kanelbullar, as they call them and they were so freakin’ good! Would you like some photos as proof? Here you go:  

We shared drinks, laughs, stories, silly jokes and delicious and nutritious snacks. I made my favourite sunflower seed cookies as well a batch of energy balls which were devoured within minutes! If you have some friends over for tea, drinks, chats or a games night, I can very much recommend rolling these babies as they’re super easy to prep and most likely very appreciated by the crowd (depending on whom you’re inviting, of course..).

Another perk: I outed mysef as the ultimate foodie to pretty much everyone out there which leads to this: food as presents! I don’t expect gifts when inviting my friends over, but when I receive something that comes form their heart and was bought or made to bring me joy, I am so happy about it. Dark chocolate for the win!

It was so lovely to invite all kinds of different friends, those I know from where I grew up and went to school, those I met during my travels, those from my time as a student or new friends I met in Berlin. All under one roof at the same table and with the same energy balls in their hands. I loved it! 

The next day, after a delicious and nutritious breakfast (in our pyjamas) featuring bread, perfectly poached eggs, hummus, avocado and buckwheat pancakes with raspberry jam, Sofie, Sanna and I went out exploring Berlin. We took the tram to a hip, artsy area (where everyone wears beanies that don’t even cover the ears), went to a local flea market and satisfied the Swede’s hunger for guess what – döner kebab! Whenever I ask internationals in Berlin whether they enjoy German food, they respond something like: yeah, I love eating kebabs! So much for German cuisine.. 

A big massive thanks for those who attended the celebrations and made my birthday very special! I had a blast and felt loved, which is what birthdays are for, aren’t they? My intention for this new year in this wondrous life is to stay open to whatever is coming my way.

To another 25 years filled with dinners in good company! 



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