Hidden gems are what make the eating-out culture interesting, don’t you agree? I do not go out for food very often but when I do, I try to make sure that the place is special. Special in what way? In terms of food, of course! 

To be honest, I was disappointed with the food served at restaurants and cafes too often –  I would much rather cook at home, know the ingredients that went into the food and feed my body what it needed. 

This is why I am very picky with places to go to for a meal. Online recommendations sometimes work but I prefer to be told in person where I “absolutely need to go to dine because the food was ooze-worth”! 

The small Italian bistro that I’m writing about here was introduced to me by a friend who rocked up there with his guitar to play a concert a while back. It is very small, only hosts a few tables and therefore has a very cosy atmosphere. It is different from big restaurants that quickly feel rather impersonal and has a more relatable, comforting vibe. 

It is located in a very hip area in Berlin and had a few tables outside so we could enjoy the Sunday sun. As soon as we sat down, one of the owners greeted us and served us delicious red wine. Time to check the menu! 


We were warmly welcomed by the owners (Danny and his wife Elena) and had some red wine to begin our culinary journey to Italy. We decided to order a bruschetta and parmesan starter as well as farinata (a sort of chickpea flatbread that I tasted for the first time a few years ago) that would be followed by burrata and truffle pasta. Does that sound about right?

When I knocked on the kitchen door, I was invited to come inside and have a look at what was being prepared at that moment. Freshly baked bread was pulled out of the oven, meringue was cooling by the window and the pasta we ordered was bubbling on the stove.


Elena, the chef at MINI, truly cares about the food she uses. She wants to cook with good quality produce and therefore imports many products from Italy. The burrata we tasted was so incredibly soft and fresh, creaminess!


As if we hadn’t eaten enough, this lovely couple handed us a pavlova (meringue topped with fresh berries, in this case mango and currants. We went to a jazz improv concert and took it with us so that more people could try it!

Places like these are full of heart and passion – thanks to the people who built it. Elena and Danny poured their love for food and culture into this bistro and I urge you to go and taste how much they care. 

What a pleasure it has been!

And another feature: they also stream movies in their lovely restaurant! Are you interested to pay MINI cult bistro a visit? Check them out here:

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