Hello there and welcome, how lovely that you’ve made it to my new food blog! My name is Judith and I am in love with food and photography, so I figured I will combine them and create lovely, quick recipes that are delicious and nutritious. On judiliciousandnutritious, I will post recipes of savoury and sweet, umami and sour, bitter and simply delicious! It is a platform for sharing my knowledge of different foods, different ways of preparing them, international cuisine, nutritional backgrounds, food as medicine and living creativity. I will also dedicate time to doing research on selected topics and discuss them in blog posts, so stay tuned! On my Instagram account (judiliciousandnutritious) you will also find the latest recipes I’ve made and blog posts that I wrote, so follow me if you like!

My core messages are:

♥ Eat your colours. Achieve the richest of flavours by using the richest of colours. Nature supplies us with such abundance of beautiful, bright, colourful produce, that we should make use of the entire pallet.

♥ Cook seasonal. This way, you use the freshest of ingredients, ideally from sustainable sources.

♥ Don’t obey to rules. Instead, trust your inspiration and your gut (literally, your gut). Whatever recipe you follow, I advise you to take it as guidance but not as the one right way. There is no such thing. We all have different preferences and tastes, so cook to your own liking! Be open to change, experiment, take a basic recipe and make your own out of it. Variation is key. Your taste buds with thank you.

♥ Eat real food. You are what you eat, so see food for what it is: fuel. It is a substance that supports our organisms with nutritional value. If so, we might as well make use of the resources we are given by mother earth and eat what our bodies require without having to sacrifice taste and the joy of eating!

♥ Take your time to enjoy. Achieve the richest of tastes, take conscious mouthfuls that leave you in awe of how tasty food can be. Also, if you don’t rush to chew your food, the digestion process starts in your mouth via enzymes in your saliva!

♥ Be mindful while cooking. Turn it into your meditative practice, be calm and allow your senses to be absorbed by what you are doing. There’s no time to worry or stress. Be present. Let your kitchen be the haven you’re coming home to, where you feel comfortable and know that what you are doing is serving yourself in the most beautiful way: providing vital energy for your body while witnessing an explosion of taste!

I am looking forward to sharing my delicious and nutritious journey with you and am excited for you to try my recipes! Let the cooking begin! 

Treat your temple as your body. ♥