Let’s Brunch, People!

Let’s Brunch, People!

You know what I recently felt like? A big, fat, lush, scrumptious, delicious and nutritious brunch. So what did I do about that longing to gather with friends and share delicious meals? Correct: I invited a bunch of people, went grocery shopping, started baking and prepared a variety of dips, spreads, granolas, chia puddings, sprouted beans and baked goodies featuring my potentially favourite ingredient of all time; dark chocolate.

Brunch is a great way of celebrating a rainy Sunday, staying in, sipping coffee and eating for hours and hours and hours – no end in sight. With a selection of savoury and sweet, hot and cold, soft and crunchy, fruity and herby, you have such a variety of tastes that your aim is not to fill up on one dish but instead to try everything there is (which turned out to be quite a challenge). According to the motto: Everything in moderation, even moderation. At the end, even though you’ve only nibbled your way through the buffet, you feel beyond full – yet satisfied, not only thanks to the nourishing food but to the atmosphere and most importantly – thanks to the people. 

Because it’s the colder season, some people whom I invited had to cancel because the felt sick and weren’t able to wander through cold, rainy Berlin to find my place (that smelled line banana bread and melted chocolate, just saying..). Of course this is not ideal when inviting people over for a meal (= massive left overs and I strongly dislike food waste). To solve the shortage of hungry guests, I made a call for action and mobilized neighbours, boyfriends and friends of friends. Thanks to our group effort, we ended up having a fantastic (not to mention yummy) time!

Would you like to see the menu? Here it is: 


Brunch Menu 

homemade hummus platter with pesto rosso, sprouts, feta, red onion & paprika

sprouted mungbeans

fresh veggies & avocado

spelt crackers with goats cheese, grapes, dried figs, walnuts & green olives

hazelnut & quinoa granola

almond & coconut granola

coconut chia pudding with berries

homemade bread rolls (thanks to Alina)

rustic rye bread 

homemade cherry jam (thanks to Ina)

my favourite sunflower seed banana bread

chocolate, ginger & pear loaf

dark chocolate granola bars

apple-pomegranate juice with fresh ginger & mint

and of course 

love, love & even more love! ♥


Have a look at this video that sums up our beautiful brunch!


Being the host is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed sharing my food and my apartment. It is wonderful to share this passion for food with so many other people who truly appreciate homemade, wholesome, delicious & nutritious dishes! I really enjoyed the preparations of putting this plan into practice, of creating a movement (one towards a brunch buffet) and connecting with people over food. At the same time, being the host bears responsibilities – making others feel welcomed, making sure everyone gets to try that chocolate pear loaf, and obviously: brewing coffee (the possibly biggest responsibility of ’em all! Don’t leave people without their beloved brunch-accompanying cup of coffee, they won’t like it!). 



A big thanks to those you joined me for the first Judilicious & Nutritious brunch, it was my pleasure to host you! 

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