Moving In The Right Direction

Moving In The Right Direction

You guys, thanks for showing up. Here’s a little update about what’s been going on in my delicious and nutritious world as well as some thank-you-rounds because there is never enough appreciation-talk, is there?

Thank you for making my content come to life, thank you for supporting me in the way you do, thank you for responding to what I put out there and thank you for ACTUALLY MAKING THE FOOD! That last one is something that I oftentimes forget – how ironic because that’s the whole point right?! Of course I create all of these delicious & nutritious recipes for you to try ‘em out! And whenever I see, hear, smell or taste that you cooked one of my meals or baked one of my cakes, it honestly, truly, full-heartedly fills me with pure joy!

Judilicious & Nutritious is very dear to me because I put in a lot of love, effort, cinnamon and peanut butter. I consider myself very lucky because thankfully, I really do enjoy the kind of work it entails (and it is a lot of work in case you wondered..). I love to do research about ingredients, figure out in which ways they aid our health and how to best cook them, come up with new recipes to then stroll to the market with a long shopping list in hand and put it all into practice. For some reason, my brain is wired in a way that it constantly produces output in the form of recipes. They occur to me in a very natural way and I’m not intending to interrupt that flow. Whether I’m sitting on a park bench, wandering through the forest or cycling to work, suddenly it goes POP and a new recipes idea is born – that not too seldomly includes something related to sweet potatoes, apples and peanut butter, but maybe not all in one dish (though, who knows?).

JD&N is continuously transforming into a bigger platform, with many people who are interested in cooking and willing to share their recipes. With People Who Cook, I want to give others a chance to introduce their way of cooking and talk about the value that lies in one single dish. I – and as it turns out many of you too – am fascinated with how other people prepare their food, what they like to eat, how it resembles comfort and a memory of growing up. So far, it’s been so much pleasure to visit these people in their kitchens, to ask them questions about their relationship to food and to watch them cook a dish they love. It is so intimate and telling, a true moment of sharing and connecting. It is interesting that during each episode, I thank the cook for joining the project, and the cook thanks me for appreciating their food and giving them this time and space. The gratefulness goes both ways and lo and behold, so does the food! 

Maybe this is a good moment to give another big shout out to those who have joined People Who Cook thus far. It has been a very creative and exciting time recently, including all those wonderful humans who took their time to cook for JD&N. So thank you!I am looking forward to many more episodes featuring exotic dishes, traditional recipes, themed dinner parties, potluck brunches, food-loving individuals from all over the globe and not to forget mindblowing deliciousness!

That’s what’s going on at the minute while I’m scooping some peanut butter into my breakfast bowl and enjoying hot ginger tea. 

Let’s keep cooking and baking and whipping up a storm, my precious fellow foodies!



And by the way, I didn’t just look at that cake, I ate it too. Proof below:

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