Nate’s Porridge Party

Nate’s Porridge Party

Nothing in this world is at it seems. Except, possibly, porridge. – Stephen Fry

Nate, also known as the Willy Wonka of Porridge, is much excited about oats. Oats? Yes, oats! He does enjoy food in general but his special love and attention go to our little breakfast bowl buddies. Are you ready? Let’s roll some oats!

Nate is a talented musician from the US whom I met at a fantastic living room concert in Berlin not too long ago. Soon after, I saw that he posted a humorous cooking class video on instagram showing how to make a sandwich (he spread hummus onto a piece of bread – turns out that’s his sense of humour). And what did I do? I asked him: Nate, do you actually cook? He responded with much enthusiasm and revealed: Judith, I absolutely love to make porridge! Is that cool enough for your blog?

Whether porridge is cool enough for my blog?

Yes! Of course. Maybe too cool.  I’m putting my shoes on and grabbing a spoon. Let’s eat a bowl of porridge, Nate. 

In fact, Nate is so famous for his porridge that recently, a friend met his ex-partner on a train and asked: Are you still dating that guy who loves porridge so much?

The guy who loves porridge so much!

Ha! Nate, what an accurate way to describe you! There are worse things to stand for than a warming bowl of porridge, don’t you think? 

For today’s porridge party, Nate went all in. He prepared a mouthwatering buffet featuring strawberries, bananas, apples, grapes, nuts and seeds, peanut butter (thank the lord he didn’t forget the peanut butter!), dried fruits, 99% dark chocolate, maple syrup and Ceylon cinnamon! His idea was this: He would explain how his favourite porridge is prepared and then have everyone make their own bowl. Bam! Knowledge instantly put into practice.

Right, we’re ready to start. Oh no, wait, one more hug!

Now. We all love to cuddle, but it’s breakfast time and we’re hungry. Let’s do this.

Nate invited a bunch of wonderful people to our big little food gathering, among which were many other musicians (coincidence? I think not). Two nights before our porridge feast, Nate B and The Hidden Keys (that’s the name of his glorious band, go ahead and check them out!) had a gig in a local bar where they met the Irish band Regroovanation. They jammed, became pals and he ended up inviting them to our porridge madness where they sang together some more and not to forget: ate yummy bowls of Nate’s special oats.

My porridge is everyone’s porridge! – Nate B, May 2019, on some roof in Berlin

The porridge-making-ceremony took place on their terrace and the eating & singing was located up on the roof! Would you like to see some more footage? Keep on scrolling! 


   We watched him chop apples, bananas, add in peanut butter and lots of other goodies such as 99% dark chocolate chunks, maple syrup, then top the bowl with oats and pour in hot water. Mix it all up and – are we done already?

No, wait, seems like there’s more to this! Nate, what’s coming next?

Nate added more fresh fruits because the eye eats first and finished with a generous sprinkle of the good kind of cinnamon. Et voila – a lovely, mouthwatering, goodie-filled bowl of breakfast porridge that’s ready to be devoured up on the the roof while being sung to. Yes, that’s right, Nate took his love for porridge 100 steps further and first sang to the porridge (and to us) before spooning it into his mouth. Would you like to have a listen? Alright alright, we’re almost there, just let us get our own bowls ready and then climb up onto the roof!     

Porridge is one of the foods I’ve been loyal to since my childhood. It is such a good way to start the day. A warm meal that is filling, satisfying and that can be pimped with whatever goodies you like: nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruits, maple syrup, cinnamon, peanut butter, yoghurt, and the list goes on! If you remember your childhood’s porridge (in German we call it Haferschleim, which literally translates to slimy oats)  and aren’t really eating it today, try it again. You may find that it can be quite different from how you remember it. It’s all about the toppings and thankfully we’re adults which means – topping freedom! Use whatever you fancy, whether it’s hazelnut butter or dark chocolate chunks. All is allowed, even Nate said so. We actually had a porridge hater among us that day, and managed to help her see clearer. I believe that those who don’t enjoy eating porridge missed out on all the good toppings – once you witness porridge-topping-goodness, you cannot go back. You’ll realise that truthfully, porridge has been your favourite thing in the world all along. 

Nate’s step-by-step how-to-make-the-world’s-best-porridge-guide was not just informative but also highly entertaining. It’s not only super easy & quick to make but highly nutritious as well! And another great thing is that you can adapt it to your own liking: you love kiwis? Go for them. Prefer honey over maple syrup? Not a problem. You have almond instead of peanut butter in your kitchen? Wow, how decadent, add it in! This porridge turns out super creamy and rich thanks to all these wonderful ingredients that melt into each other. It’s definitely worth a try and will hopefully spark the love in porridge-opposers to give oats another try. 

For one bowl of Nate’s Perfect Porridge you will need: 

 3/4 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup boiled water

1/2 apple, chopped

1/2 banana, sliced

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp nuts and seeds of choice

cranberries (other other dried fruits)

1 tsp 99% dark chocolate, chopped

1 tbsp maple syrup




coconut chips



plant-based yoghurt

apple sauce 


  1. In a your favourite breakfast bowl, add the apple, banana, dark chocolate, maple syrup, peanut butter, nuts, seeds and cranberries. 
  2. Top your already-good-looking bowl with the oats and pour over the boiled water, giving it a good stir. You’ll see the chocolate melt and the peanut butter turn super creamy, don’t miss out on putting your face right above the bowl to smell it! 
  3. Lastly add more fruity toppings such as fresh berries, grapes, coconut chips, cinnamon, yoghurt and apple sauce. And if you really can’t help yourself, go ahead and add a little more peanut butter. Why? because peanut butter is life! 
  4. Now go up on the roof, grab your guitar and start singing the porridge song. Can’t remember the lyrics? Let me remind you with the video at the bottom of this page. 

Let’s finally get onto that roof, shall we?


How beautiful that we gathered on this special ordinary day in the middle of Berlin to sing a song and share a meal. A sense of community is built when enjoying food in good company which makes it even more nourishing! The bottom line is this: Porridge parties should be a thing. And the good news is: now they are. 

May I present to you: Nate’s Porridge Song


Thank you, Nate, for hosting such a refreshing, creative and delicious&nutritious event. It has been my pleasure to capture your porridge song and spend time with such beautiful people. 

Love, Peace & Porridge 

(which is how Nate will now sign his emails and handwritten letters (I do hope to receive one of those letters one day))

***Special thanks go out to today’s videographer Nathalia from landingonthecoffeebean. She very much enjoyed her bowl of porridge and made this pretty little video of our feast. Thank you for being a part of this, Nathalia!***

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