Pumpkin Potluck Party

Pumpkin Potluck Party

This year’s pumpkin season was celebrated BIG. With a party. A pumpkin party. In fact, a pumpkin party with so many pumpkin-inspired dishes that we almost (but really only almost) got tired of pumpkin again.  But let’s be honest, I’ve eaten a similar type of breakfast for the last 15 years – so an evening filled with 8 types of pumpkin can’t do that much damage. I still love ’em. 

My friend Amelie and I invited a bunch of fellow pumpkin-lovers and gave them this only piece of instruction: bring a dish that in any shape or form contains our beloved squash plant. Does that sound promising? I think so. 


We decorated (predominantly in autumny orange colours so that my apartment looked as if celebrating the Dutch flag), chopped and roasted, stirred and sweetened and finally dished up: our friend Lisi made pumpkin-flavoured cocktails with rum and almond milk, Miriam made a butternut nut squash soup with rustic bread, Maddi brought us a roasted pumpkin spinach salad with apple, nuts, tahini dressing and caramelised onions, her dad Joseph prepared a delicious pumpkin hummus with tortillas, and I made a miso-roasted  Tuscan squash served on a butterbean dip topped with parsley, followed be an oven-roasted Hokkaido with cinnamon.

We were too busy eating and chatting so imagine the scene with not too many documented photos. It surely was delicious and nutritious, jolly and fun!

 Oh, right, right right – before I forget: the dessert (how could I); I prepared layered pumpkin dish featuring pumpkin caramel with hazelnut butter and dates (this was so yummy), pumpkin puree made with maple syrup and plant-yoghurt, all combined with crumbly oat, date & tahini cookies, topped with vanilla-infused yoghurt and roasted pecans! WHO’S HUNGRY NOW BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM! 


Thank you, Amelie, for hosting this beautiful event with me. To many, many more


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