Supper Club #2 – Ottolenghi Addicted

Supper Club #2 – Ottolenghi Addicted

We did it again: we invited a bunch of fellow foodies and cooked up a storm – eight delicious  dishes that are yet again inspired by out favourite chef Yotam Ottolenghi. 

Spring has arrived in Berlin (and also disappeared again) but before telling you all about this beautiful evening, let’s first take a  sneak peek at some of the delicious & nutritious footage, shall we? 


We grated fresh beetroots, whisked eggs, blended cilantro, stirred blackberries, toasted nuts,  peeled potatoes, caramelised onions and picked mint leafs. All for an evening spent with foodlovers gathered at our dining table.

Because we still didn’t cook our way through his cookbooks, we picked a selection of levantine recipes developed by Ottolenghi – we cannot not cook his food, it is simply too good! And honestly, none of what we cooked is rocket science but quite the opposite: all recipes are quite accessible to those who love to cook and others who haven’t spent most of their time perfecting the art of chopping herbs. His theme seems to be vegetables, many seeds and always a good helping of tahini! In my world, that sounds as good as classical music.


Would you like to have a look at today’s menu? Sure, but better get ready for your mouths to water. 



The 2nd Supper Club Menu


beetroot, goats cheese & thyme loaf 


cauliflower salad with pomegranate & salted pistachios 


sumac & polenta roasted sweet potatoes


crisp lettuce salad with harissa baked potato skins 


cannellini bean hummus with half-mashed peas 


brokkoli & edamame salad with spinach, red onion, almonds & raisins 


roasted carrots with chilli yoghurt, cilantro pesto & sesame seeds 


and last but not least:

deconstructed cheesecake – lemon zested creme with gin-infused blackberry compote & hazelnut almond crumble 




But first – a few bubbles (in this case alcohol-free champagne). 

 The spring weather in Berlin was wonderful and sunny, so after spending the morning in the park, we opened the windows, turned on some music and started chopping, marinating, roasting, toasting and sipping our champagne. 

We cooked for a few hours, shared our small but well equipped kitchen and started assembling the ready-to-serve dishes on big platters. It is such an enjoyable act to decorate the table with freshly picked flowers and sprinkle some more herbs and pomegranate seeds on the beautiful plates filled with vibrant vegetables. Cooking truly is a form of art and I hope that through these photos, you get something of an impression of the flavours we experienced.  



Slowly but surely our guests started to arrive and we greeted them with hugs, smiles and a glass of chilled white wine – now that spring has arrived it was still bright outside which is not only great for one’s mood but also for food photography! 

After first and seconds rounds of hellos and welcomes, we sat down and started to feast. We passed the platters around so that everyone would end up with a paint pallet on their plates. The different dishes worked really well together so when moving my fork through the piles of food, I confidently trusted that whatever would end up on my tongue wouldn’t miss anything. Roasted was paired with raw, savoury was combined with sweet, crunchy went along with creamy. All a firework in our mouths while talking about this and that and mainly about food.  



We enjoyed each and every bite, drank our wine, reached out for seconds and sipped some more. Were we happy with the selection of dishes? Absolutely, yes! I find it so much more exciting if I can try a variety of different flavours, consistencies and have the table covered with colourful foods rather than one massive stew. Not that one massive stew isn’t beautiful, but when inviting people over for our supper club, we feel like dishing up. 


And what comes after the mains? Yes, that’s right, it’s time for dessert! For tonight’s pudding, Stella whipped up a lovely cream with lemon zest and stirred together blackberries and gin. The smells were infatuating and so was the taste! On top of it all was an irresistible hazelnut and almond crumble that essentially felt like beautiful, nutty broken apart cookie chunks. 

Our bellies were beyond happy and almost no leftovers had to be stored in the fridge – I take that as an utmost positive sign of indulgence and enjoyment! 

When our guests left, Stella and I teamed up once more to quickly put back the table, wash the dishes and restore our kitchen to normality. All in all a splendid evening and not to forget delicious and nutritious. 


To future supper clubs, hungry guests and no leftovers! 




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