Supper Club – Time For A Picnic

Supper Club – Time For A Picnic

Summer has arrived – it’s hot, it’s sweaty, it’s sunny and about time for a lush picnic in the beautiful, stunning, lush park in front of our house! We gathered a bunch of fellow foodies (some of whom you know already such as Lloyd, the I’m-going-to-cook-5-curries-in-one-night-guy and  Nate, the porridge wizard), packed some cold beers and set out to the park to find the perfect patch of soft, green grass. Did we succeed? You bet.   

Now, what’s the best picnic food? Think dips, spreads, bread to dip, salads and something sweet. We prepared some classics such as (obviously) hummus and baba ganoush, bought Turkish bread, made fresh salads and baked yummy sweet-tooth-worthy goodies. I stirred chocolate into mashed bananas, swirled tahini across it and ended up with a massive tray of fudgy heavenly tahini brownies. Would you like to see some mouthwatering footage? Your wish is my command.     We spent half the day baking, frying, roasting, toasting, rolling, chopping, giggling and getting excited for some outdoor fun! 

Our little picnic menu

hummus & baba ganoush with Turkish flatbread 

green pea & parsley salad with bulgur

herbed lentil fritters with tomato relish 

tahini brownies 

apricot & almond tart*

juicy watermelon 

*a little note not that tart: It was dropped when carrying our picnic to the park. We saved it but when it fell for a second time, we decided to throw it away. I can’t deny that my heart shed a tear because I put my love (and almonds!) into this cake but hey, it’s the art of letting go. I will bake it again and maybe let it be eaten in my kitchen to not risk dropping it onto the street’s pavements. I’m sure it would have been delicious!

Every guest was asked to also bring a little something – and they came up with great picnic ideas! They dished up potato salad, fattoush with green asparagus, tortellini, tomato mozzarella with balsamic dressing, cinnamon swirls and even more brownies. Was one plate too small to sample every creation? A little bit but that’s why second (or third) helpings are a great invention. It was a wonderful atmosphere in the park that day (as every day spent in the park, actually – parks are life!). Imagine chatting with friends while feeling the grass under your feet, the blue sky above your head and delicious tahini brownies in your mouth. All on a Sunday afternoon that’s followed by a bank holiday – if this is what people mean when they talk about perfection, I’m starting to grasp the concept. 

I love when people with all kinds of different backgrounds meet and become friends. Food helps with that! Also, it’s always a good idea to bring an instrument to a park gathering (to any gathering, really). Nate was equipped with his guitar as well as a heavy collection of melodicas and thankfully played some tunes for us. (Of course he revived our Porridge Party with the epic porridge song. You don’t know that one yet? Give it a listen!). 

In the meantime, Lloyd strapped his slackline in between two trees and made sure it was tight enough. The idea is to balance your weight on it above the ground – have you ever tried it? It’s a great exercise for the core but definitely not the easiest – especially with four brownies in your belly! 

The lake was also close by so some of us went for a refreshing jump into the not-too-cold water. Who wants to eat inside when they can have a picnic outside featuring half a skinny dip?!

A few days before the picnic, I received a package containing a variety of differently coloured spoons. What’s so special about them, you may wonder? They are EDIBLE! Yes. Edible spoons. They turn into a part of your meal and do not have to be discarded.These spoons are manufactured in India and consist of different flours, cocoa peal, spices and herbs. The flavours come in a range from beetroot and pepper to mint, anis and even chocolate! This means that you can enjoy a savoury soup as well as a spicy curry and delicious chocolate mousse with these sustainable plastic alternatives. What a fun way to  literally finish your plate – including the cutlery! 

Make sure to check out KULERO’s website and Instagram to support a good cause: @essbares_besteck.

Thank you, lovely people and fellow foodies, for making it all the way to our beloved park! We had a blast and hope so did you. 

To more picnics, edible spoons and tahini brownies! 

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