The Saving Produce Dinnerparty

The Saving Produce Dinnerparty

Cooking together is so much more fun! I do really enjoy to stand in the kitchen on my own (it’s my favourite meditation practice of ’em all), but to share this creative space with another person (assuming that there are enough chopping boards) is highly entertaining!

This time I had the pleasure to cook with Thore – a fellow foodie who – unsurprisingly – loves to cook! (He made it onto this website, after all: hence, he’s all about food.) And there’s something quite special about him: he cooks vegan dishes using produce and ingredients that he doesn’t simply buy at the market – he saves from being wasted. Let’s look at his happy face for a second and then learn more about what he does, shall we?

We all know that every single day, tons of eatable food are being thrown away. Why? Because it isn’t as easily sold as all the newly incoming batches of apples, tomatoes and herbs. A product reached its expiry date? It’s being dumped without checking if it might still be safe to consume. A spring onion has a few dry tips? Straight into the bin. The ripe peaches became too soft? Now, wait a second, this would be perfect for a fruit compote! So here comes Thore: saving many vegetables, fruits and other food items that the supermarket would have thrown away! And what does he do with them? Cook beautiful, elaborate, delicious and nutritious meals. 

Thore had a completely different career before and started to follow his dream a few years ago: to cook for and with people and teach them about sustainable and nutritious food. Oh and that if that wasn’t enough of a project, he also got onto his bike and cycled around the world. High five, Thore! 

He invited me to help him cook a six course menu with saved produce. Did that sound exciting? You bet! Since I love baking so much, I was in charge of the dessert and helped him wherever help was needed (such as frying savoury buckwheat pancakes and tasting every dish component – I can tell you: by the end of the evening I had more than 6 courses worth of food!). 

The menu

bread chips with vegan truffle mayo & roasted mushrooms, zucchini curry chutney and berry jam & homemade spicy sauerkraut

sweet potato & carrot mousse with cress and soy cream

Russian buckwheat pancakes with dill yoghurt, graved salmon (cured carrots) and capers

lemon sorbet

harissa roasted aubergine with thyme-sautéed mushrooms, guacamole and salad with mustard vinaigrette

applesauce & oat brownies with peach & mango compote and cashew-cacao-nib crunch


That’s a lot to cook. Naturally, we embraced the kitchen for quite a few hours and roasted eggplants, mashed avocados, chopped chilis, sprinkled micro greens, peppered and salted, scooped lemon sorbet into lemon halves and put a pinch of love onto every single plate. 


The candles were lit, the wine was poured and the mood was cosy and warm. A successful dinner night with a little bit less produce being wasted in this world – cheers to imperfect spring onions and vegan brownies (here’s that brownie recipe you’ve been patiently waiting for!! 


Saving vegetables and fruits is not only fun – but also super tasty! 

Thank you, Thore, for letting me be a part of this beautiful event! Es war mir eine Freude ♥  Check out his channel here:

Last note (and then I’m going to bed, I promise): Because this was an event with as little waste as possible, everyone could come back for their 7th course and pile up on the food they’d like to have more of! The guests could also bring leftover food back home – every dinner experience should be like this, don’t you agree? 

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  • Oh it was my pleasure dear Judith to rock the kitchen with you. So much fun and passion. I´d say we are a good team – without understatement! Thanks so much for your help and brownie & blini inspiration. Very much appreciated.
    What are we cooking next?!?

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