Who Would Have Thought – New Beginnings Dinner Event

Who Would Have Thought – New Beginnings Dinner Event

Let’s dive right into it and start this text with an insight: dinner parties are my thing, but there’s a but. Dinner parties or any sort of gathering with friends, acquaintances and strangers bears some awkwardness. To me, most social settings do.  When thrown into a room full of people, we try to orientate, to establish a connection and oftentimes test the water with a few generic questions and small talk. I understand this dynamic as potentially door opening, but I also feel that oftentimes it’s difficult to break through that distance. 

To bring people together and allow for bonding to take place, my friend Amelie and I have formed a collective that goes by the name who would have thought. Why that name? Because who would have thought that leaving your house and attending that dinner introduced you to that peer, who would have thought that someone you didn’t expect to appear in your life made you feel seen, who would have thought that we could connect over a topic we rarely allow to be talked about yet were brave enough to address? Who would have thought? 
We’re Amelie & Judith, a pickle and a peanut who met at the other end of the world, became friends and figured that pickles and peanuts are great together. Three years later we find each other living in Berlin and ask ourselves who would have thought?
We share a love for good food, are community enthusiasts and want to establish more wholesomeness in this world.  We’re a safe space, a community, delicious and nutritious food and a place to share what’s deep within.  We create a sustained dialogue for people to get off their scripts. We’re a wooden palett with pillows around it where you and I sit in a circle with others who want to share their story and listen to yours. In the modern world, even though the cities are plastered with vegan cafés, we feel a lack of nourishing spaces. Even though we can all chat any at any given time of the day via our phones, we feel a lack of community, of belonging, of spending time. A lack of accountability. 
To us, there is purpose in gathering.  In bringing people together – and food happens to be a great excuse for anyone to take a chunk of time, leave their mobile phones behind and actually take a good look at that person across the table. With filled mouths, we are better listeners. And with pillows and candles, we turn into confident story tellers – stories that bear much truth and honesty that are so rare nowadays. This, too, is nourishment.
With the events we offer we want to advocate self-care and sharing, we want to foster connection, we want to grow and let grow. We think it matters how and why we meet. Any person we pass by may be a great conversationist, a potential friend, even a peer. Who would have thought, right? 
Our first event (yay!) was attended by wonderfully open and reflected people – the only criteria upon which entrance is granted! Here are a few impressions: 
We sat together, enjoyed nourishing food and paid attention to what strangers had to say. As we know from dinner events, they often turn into a very loud and chatty mess – twelve people having six different conversations at once. Everyone speaking with a raised voice in order to be heard. What happened here was different: the twelve of us shared one topic and one conversation. Similarly to unwrapping Christmas presents one at a time instead of all of them simultaneously, this setting allowed appreciation of calmness and focus. Our shared conversation allowed to dive deeper, to take in someone else’s perspective without the need to respond and thereby creating an intimate atmosphere in which it is almost inevitable to open up. 
If you would like to come and join us for one such heartwarming event, stay tuned by following our activities on social media. Depending on season, time & space we will bring artists, new venues, crafts and music together and step by step, dish by dish, conversation by conversation – grow into something beautifully profound. We will announce events to come and are looking forward to having you there!

The table is set – are you hungry and willing to share a thought or two?

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